Mar 17, 2018


No, not Twitter.  Never will either.  Years back I saw heart finishes featuring birds, and loved everything about them including the shape.  If I remember (which does not happen daily) they were featured in a post from The Cranky Crow.  BTW, where are you?  Just saw one of them again in Daffycat's post.  After some searching, I realized the Tweet Hearts are in a BBD book and not charted individually.  I rarely stitch a design that is not a sampler (or a Santa) and as great as their designs are, would not stitch anything else from the book.  So do I fork over almost $30 for two little designs?  Probably not, but I did see two bird freebies in the file yesterday and plan on starting this evening.  I'm thinking if I came up with 12 fricking pears, I can do a birdie heart.
When you don't see any posts from a blogger you follow for quite some time, do you email them?  I am uncomfortable doing this and wonder how everyone feels about it.  To me, checking on someone shows that you care and hope all is well, but since we are online and not personally involved in others' lives, I wonder how such a request is received.  Dropping a line and saying you hope all is well seems innocent enough but I would still feel like an intruder.  But are we?  A note of caring is never wrong, but I'm not involved with social networking as much as most.  I'm sure those that are, welcome more contact, but not everyone details their day to their world.  There are other sites for interaction and updates that not everyone (moi) follows such as Instagram, Facebook, and others, so following a blog only isn't a good indication of activity.  Add to the fact that the majority of Googlers are no-reply and there isn't even an email for saying hello!  In conclusion to this weird commentary, just because I don't drop a line doesn't mean I don't think about others.  I am forward enough to tongue lash in person but backward when social media is the means.  In fact, Monday morning, all hell with break loose at the Diabetes Clinic.  It will be my third trip to that office, and one they will wish never happened.  I can't wait!
I am cleaning the house today, hitting Dominos for a fabulous extra sauce pizza later, and searching the files for a little bird this evening.  I won't be posting those tasks or anything in between on FB.  But Monday there may be video at 6 from a Clinic.
Happy St. Patrick's Day to those that celebrate the green!

Mar 16, 2018

FB live

Hi pals.  I spent the afternoon looking through charts that will never be stitched and decided to check Facebook for a break.  I happened upon Teresa Kogut's live video drawing a winner's name.  Who knew?  Certainly not me, that she does a weekly live video.  I would love to see that so will check into what is required to have bells, alarms, whistles, and dancing animals alert me. (But I have to wonder if FB live is a good idea with the lack of decency and scruples out there.)  Then I checked email and found her newsletter.  Episode 51 "Peacemaker" speed painting video was a real treat.  You can visit her site if you haven't as yet to see her wonderful original paintings for sale along with charts for needlework, and also click on Videos to view more of her artistry.
I chose a small and a large sampler to start but did not pull linen.  My 35 count linens are small in size and I would need a huge piece, not willing to purchase more.  I have enough 30 count for the large one but really don't want a bunch of fabric on my lap.  More like it, I don't want to stitch it at all but do love the design.  So I will continue to ponder what's next.  I have velvet for berries and vintage tablecloth pieces to play with, also the Quaker Lace beauties for tunic tops.
Mark's appointment today helped him, Carole is not any better, and I may have to consider surgery on this shoulder.  No improvement and I am tired of the limitations.  An MRI accompanied by anti-claustrophobia drugs is next.  Hope they're gummies.
Getting closer to colonial paint and panel that mixes with farmhouse.
Our windows are in and Monday we will bring one home to match color samples.  We need to order the trim and get one coat of paint on before it's installed.  Then choose a decking material for the front since our expensive cedar decking rotted.  I do not want to use manufactured products, would prefer wood, maybe I'll win this one too.
Have a great weekend.
Thanks for visiting.

Mar 14, 2018

Hump day

Geez a Lou.  Some of you are getting hammered with more snow!  It's been a record breaking winter hasn't it?  We have snow again but it is just a continual dusting with cold temps.
I need to call a mobile vet for Nitzy.  His eye has been swollen and running, even some blood, and I was finally able to approach him with a warm damp pad to wipe it.  But it didn't last long. One swipe before the blood was mine.  I plan to ask the vet if she will order a pill or be able to give an injection to knock him out, otherwise, he cannot be examined.  May be a common condition or an injury but either way, how will I be able to administer drops?  I will call this afternoon.  Our chiropractic appointments weren't kept since Mark can barely move, lay, or attempt steps.  For being this type of doctor, I am surprised she has only stair access and no ramp.  He could not get into the car anyway so Advil and ice until Friday.
Another colonial interior that only needs woodwork and color to grab your attention.  My favorite decorated home has been an Ohio saltbox, seen in her Pinterest album.
The older photos at the end of the album showcase the colonial paints and décor, the newer show her change to farmhouse.  I have been considering the same, but I don't like all white in a colonial home. It just doesn't accent the paneling, built-ins, and moulding enough for me.  Is it possible to incorporate the two?  Of course!  There are no rules for our homes, only what makes us smile.  If you are interested in a primitive wares sale from someone changing to farmhouse, check out the FB page of 1862_Farmhouse.  Many items have been sold but her offers are very nice.

After the local man's story, this was in the newspaper....
"Nine months after a woman who had been convicted of financial theft in Virginia became the court appointed guardian of a Montgomery County man's assets, his house was subject to foreclosure over unpaid mortgage payment and other bills.  The same woman had been appointed guardian in 88 other cases in 2015 and 2016 in Montgomery County and Philadelphia." EIGHTY EIGHT!  They keep the money designated for the seniors' responsibilities and bills allowing them to fall in debt and lose everything including a place to live.  There is no system in place here to check on backgrounds before giving "caregivers" complete access to vulnerable seniors, family is not even notified, nor is it mandatory for an attorney to represent them at these hearings.  Be aware that this can happen very quickly and without notification to others, so keep an eye on all friends and relatives that use aides.  I don't know how many states have laws and guidelines for elder representation but they all should.  Gaining power of attorney is harder for a family member to obtain than a stranger.  Something is radically wrong here.   Is there a document that could require another individual's approval before any legal actions?  Not having any control over money, but as a safeguard against fraud?  There should be.
Have a good day folks.
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Mar 13, 2018

Lighting of old

Greetings pals.   Pinterest ... again.
Colonial color and stark simplicity. Love.
Just came from finishing my brother's project and have a few pics to share.  Mark hurt his back at the finish line and is now on ice.  He wanted to get home so I didn't take too many photos.  My obsessive sibling didn't want any taken but I managed to get a few.  I believe he is becoming paranoid.  What a group we are.
One of his cats, Peanut, looks massive in size but she's all hair.  Tons of hair with very short legs, kind of weird, fits in perfectly.  She gained entrance to this room and a disaster would have followed had he not found her quickly since she jumps onto everything.  So now he keeps it locked (shut doesn't deter her) and a plastic cloth over all so if she would happen to jump up again it would slide and knock her off, preventing access to the items.  Plus it helps with dusting the perfectly cleaned and polished glass and brass.
His 1800's lamp collection was off limits for photos except for the few that I'm sharing.  What makes some special to me is the perfectly balanced cutwork and decoration that is inside the globe.  The outside of the glass is perfectly smooth.  Glass does not interest me and I had never seen this before. 
They blew the glass into molds in the 1800's but how did the design get on the inside of a one piece orb like the shell pattern?  Some were two pieces joined together (right), easier to understand.  I know he can explain it but didn't want to spend another 4 hours there.

Most all others have mold pressed designs on the outside or unusual shapes. 
He knows everything there is about antique oil lamps, the burners, collars, wicks, and how to tell age on all.  I don't like to see everything cleaned and shiny, brought back to original, but that's him when it comes to brass.  It's hard to see the globe's shell pattern, one of my favorites.
He has a  nice collection of the diminutive fingerlings also.

 That's it folks!  Chiropractor for us both tomorrow, Carole is no worse.
Have a good week!

Mar 12, 2018

Got milk?

I came across this photo again, have always loved this room and the paint color.  Every time I see a colonial color on the paneling and trim I change my mind.  Dan's Saltbox Bliss featured darker red and green and I had to turn away!!  Will I ever stop questioning paint decisions?  Too many great colors in too many colonial settings on too many Pinterest visits. 
I tried the galvanized dining chairs that I was considering, found a set with thick wooden seats.  Unfortunately, those seats were no where near the size needed for my "seat".  The wood is very flat and not very comfortable at all.  And they are not galvanized, just painted metal.  I still think they would look great with a primitive wood table.
More bad news for the area. 
Our local milk processor that has been in business for decades is ending all milk contracts with area farmers, many of them fifth generation.  Sixteen dairy farms in western PA will have no where to sell their raw milk for processing and may be foreclosed or sold to developers.  They had little notice for this news.  In total, the plant is dropping more than 100 dairy farmers in eight states.  Contributing to this situation is the fact that Walmart is opening a 25,000 square foot milk processing center that will use dairy farms located within 200 miles of the Indiana plant.  Another location is pending in Ohio.  Our dairy plant sold to Walmart and many other grocers, some with store labels.  The article mentioned that farmers were paid $25 per 100# in 2015 and today that price has dropped to $13.80.  I hope there is something that can be worked out for these farms.  Some people want to rid the world of animal products. There will always be dairy and meat in stores so the only and crucial option is demanding humane treatment regulations and inspections.  Many people cannot afford the nut milks for their kids and except for sweetener and flavoring, don't like the taste.
Tomorrow is final day of installing a tiny vanity/sink and the washable cut-to-fit full bath carpet.  You have no idea how my brother drives us crazy with phone calls about the tiniest details over and over.  Thank goodness it will end tomorrow and he has no plans to start another project.  I'm taking my camera for a few shots of his arrowheads and oil lamps to share with you.  I know nothing about early glass and can't tell one from another, but a few are very interesting.
Carole is sick again, not real bad, but the codeine for the horrible cough gives her very strange dreams.  Mark and I found a new Chiropractor finally (ours retired) and I will see her Wednesday.
Hope all is well with everyone.  No more sad and bad posts, I'm done.   
Hope your days are swell. Thanks for visiting.

Mar 11, 2018

Does blood really boil?

Some days are sad, some are maddening.  I did not Google about boiling blood and have no intention to do so, but can say that mine feels that way.

The sad is the anniversary of my Dad's unnecessary suffering and death.  We also learned that another female cousin of mine, also in her 60's, has been diagnosed with Alzheimers.  To talk to her you would not truly notice anything, just as the dementia of my 92 year old aunt is hidden.  Why?  Because unless you know their lives intimately, you do not realize what they are saying is not correct.  If I did not know that the housekeeper I sent to her to help with spring cleaning was there two weeks ago and won't return until month's end, I would think nothing of her telling me that she just left her house and is coming back tomorrow.  It's sometimes difficult to notice when a friend or relative is out of touch with reality, unless as I said, you know the facts.  To that point, I am getting concerned for myself.  Really.

As for the boiling blood, another infant was allowed to be beaten by a father/boyfriend, 22 rib fractures, broken femur, collarbone, at 4 months of age.  It seems every story I read involves an idiot mother who allows a man to beat and abuse their infants and children because having a man is more important.  This happened last September and she is finally charged.  She failed to get medical attention for the baby's pain and suffering and allowed the abuse to continue. I've had a few broken ribs and can't imagine the pain this child endured. I know it's considered barbaric, but I would like every abusive non-nurturing unsafe selfish irresponsible idiotic excuse for a mother sterilized.  Really. The numbers are staggering as is the abuse and death by the boyfriend while mom sits by.  The punishment for the mother's apathy in most of these cases is lenient.

The other boil is an 81 year old veteran that allowed a caregiver to move into his home with her family.  The place is now "every inch of cabinet cupboard floor wall window is covered with filth and is sticky" with garbage piled high, now condemned, unable to sell.  She somehow gained power of attorney, dropped him off at an assisted living facility, never paid his bill there, he gets evicted.  She takes him to an apartment with only his recliner and small tv, leaves a jar of peanut butter, bread, milk and cereal.  She has control of $5000 a month in pensions and spends it all.  He loses both cars, house, all possessions, lived in the same socks for three weeks since he had no others.  He and his little dogs had no food for a week before the manager happened to realize what was going on and brought food for him, called the police.  He also had open heart surgery and diabetes but she never took him for any appointments including surgical follow-up since leaving the hospital and his health has deteriorated drastically.  He has one stepdaughter but was not allowed to use the phone in his house, and never had another.  He had no money at all, no checking, no cards, no cash, and no medication.  Here's the boiling part.  No charges will be filed.  He is allowed to sue her in civil court for the thousands she stole and all the thousands he owes to the places she dumped him.  She stole from him.  She did not provide the care she was paid for, failed the responsibility of her deceitful power of attorney to handle his bills, left him to starve, failed to provide medical care.  But after all, this piece of garbage may have done a bad thing but hey, it's a gray area.  Since when is stealing and elder abuse not a crime?  Spitting nails right now.  Good thing the cats and husband aren't in range.

Sorry for the rant.  Just tired of the vulnerable and weak being used and abused while our system is more concerned for others.  Quit making excuses for these people.  We're all supposed to have rights but I guess that depends on who gets the most sympathy from our perverted system.   I think I need to look more closely at the judges on the ballot.
Again, sorry.  And if anyone is interested I'm using an 8d finishing nail.  The head on the common nail can chip a tooth.
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